Monday, December 6, 2010

walkin' the streets of jerusalem..

"i walk the streets of jerusalem and my head is bowed..cant let you go now.." - moshav band

woke up this morning to a blessed rain. amazing how the day after the horrible fire finally stopped raging, we were showered upon with bountiful, beautiful, glorious rain.
it's incredible, how the rain changes moods here. ill never forget that rainy days in ny are dismal, gray, gloomy, and all around no fun. here, however, there is nothing more that people love than to be caught up in a rainstorm. it means that good things are happening. it means, on some level, maybe, just maybe we're doing something right. it means we're being blessed. and we feel that so strongly.
just wanted to share two funny stories that happened to me on this lovely, cold, rainy evening in jerusalem.
i was all decked out in my bright orange-ey red poncho (which i love btw, it protects me so well, and is quite the smart piece of clothing) and i had just exited a wonderful show that i had seen with my sister. she got into her taxi to head home, and i decided to stop into the supermarket as i was in dire need of something to drink.
when i walked in, the dude at the cash register took one look at me and started cracking up. i was like "whaaat?"  he says, still laughing, "zeh ma ze keyf lirot otach kacha" (its super fun to look at you like that) and continued by saying how awesome it is that it is pouring outside.
i was cracking up to myself, as i continued walking along the street, thinking how funny i must look, when all of a sudden i'm  waiting by the light, and some guy walks over to me and says totally seriously "efshar l'hatzia lach shidduch?" (can i offer you a guy to date?!!!) whaaat?!!! dude, have you seen the poncho i've been wearing?! i gave him my biggest smile and said thanks, but no thanks..
continuing along, i realized there is nothing i love more than walking the streets of jerusalem. where all things are bound to happen. where my head CAN'T stay bowed, because then i would miss all the beauty and craziness that goes on around me. and where i cant let you go now..


  1. :)Beautiful. (
    Maybe the shidduch-man he had to offer you has a matching red poncho?)

  2. such a fan of this post :)

  3. Tali,

    I'm loving your blog and your writing! I have to say I actually love rainy days in NY; I find them cozy and time to be reflective, but I really get how in Israel there's another level of kedusha operating.

    Keep the posts coming, like the rain!

    Sharon Marson

  4. Very well written. Great stuff. Why aren't I walking those miraculous streets right now?

  5. You're waiting by the light and a stranger asks you if he can suggest a shiddukh??!! But he knows nothing about you! {Head explodes from the illogical absurdity of it all.:P }

    And now I have this song going through my head. (Cf. Jeremiah 31:22.) :P

    But I once saw it put by someone that Israel is the place where you'll go in for a job interview, and you'll be rejected for the position but offered the CEO's daughter.