Saturday, August 13, 2016

For these I cry
I cry for all the people who are in so much pain; living their lives from their constricted place, never allowing themselves to live fully, consciously, G-dly I cry for all the people over the world, in distress, and in need of physical, spiritual and emotional healing
I cry for the thousands who are being slaughtered and for their families; and for those of us reading from the sidelines, who have become so desensitized
I cry for the victims of abuse; those who have been hurt by the ones closest to them, those abused by their leaders; those who have been broken, and are living their lives trying to fix the pieces; I cry for their lack of trust in a world and a society that has failed them
I cry for members of the LGBTQ community - who for too long, have felt the need to stay in their closets; that narrow, isolating, lonely, fearful place - I cry for our communities that have not yet awakened to the fact that “they” are “us” - that “their community” indeed is “our community.”
I cry for the schisms happening within us - from a place where we talk “ABOUT” rather than “TO” ; spreading lies and judgments about the “other”, when we should be creating dialogue and trust between us
I cry for the world that has become so black and white, that we’ve failed to see the nuance, and the complexity; a world that has become so extreme in its views, that we cannot tolerate when someone thinks differently than us; so black and white, that we’ve lost all appreciation for G-d’s most beautiful rainbow
I cry for our Israel; for the corruption amongst its leaders, for laws that are alienating members of the Jewish people; for the division that is so deep within
I cry for those Jews, who haven’t yet felt the blessing of what it is to be Jewish; for those Jews who feel alienated, unwanted, removed; when we should be reaching with arms wide open, instead of blocking them off with our closed hands
I cry for the destruction of our Temples; not knowing what exactly we’re missing, but know that in this world of 2016, we are so very far from redemption.
“למה לי רב זבחיכם..ודם פרים וכבשים ועתודים לא חפצתי...לא תוסיפו, הביא מנחת שוא-קטורת תועבה היא לי..למדו היטב דרשו משפט, אשרו חמוץ, שפטו יתום, ריבו אלמנה“
The key to redemption seems pretty clear - G-d has no desire for our offerings and prayers when we don’t know how to treat each other. When we don’t recognize that everyone is made in G-d’s image, we are in danger of further destruction. But when we are able to focus on the good, to seek justice; to help the oppressed and the vulnerable; to build bridges - then we will merit seeing a rebuilt Jerusalem - which will shine to the world as an עיר הצדק -קריה נאמנה May it be soon