Thursday, August 16, 2018

Havdalah --- CPE world

Two lights
Representing distinction
Light & dark
Male & female
Jew & non-Jew
Created me & ideal me
Creation & redemption
Seeing the difference
Feeling the distinction

Entering into a space
Without time
Without distinction
Where the minutes
are the moments
Where I can taste
the unity
the oneness
of humankind
In their fear, anger, vulnerability and pain
In the things that move them, drive them and give them hope

Where potential sees Sparks of fulfillment
Where I can taste
Ideal me
And see
A glimpse of redemption

Where politics fall away
And external trappings
And we see
The inner core
The deepest depths

A space of transformation
Where I can taste the sacred

Leaving the sacred
Entering back into the world
Of distinction; the things that divide us
Th world more mundane

Fusing two lights back into one
With realization of what oneness could be
Not ready to enter the present
Taking sweet whiff of spices
Intending to bring the transformation
I to the world of chol
Bringing the sense of oneness and redemption
Into a week of mundane
Hamavdil bein kodesh l"chol

The light is extinguished
But the sweet taste of shabbos
Of compassion, of unity, of redemption
Will carry me forward
Bringing shabbos into my week

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